The terrorist attacks in London took place Wednesday March 22 in two steps synergetic with each other, and three coincidences.

In the first step of the attack a terrorist driving a SUV swooped on the crowd of passers-by who stood on Westminster Bridge, leaving several wounded on the ground. Once down from the vehicle, the attacker has stabbed the agent Keith Palmer in the courtyard of the Parliament in London. Finally armed policemen intervened, shooting down him to dead while he was trying to storm the British Parliament.

Initially “Al-Arabiya” and “Channel 4” had indicated Trevor Brooks, AKA Abu Izzadeen, as identity of the London attacker. The man, Imam of Clapton, was well known by the British intelligence since as early as 2006. Later, Trevor Brooks was excluded because it turned out that he is currently in prison, then he was not the Westminster terrorist.

The death toll is four dead confirmed and twenty wounded, seven of whom severe. In the victims list also a young girl from Bologna, who lived in London for six years, slightly wounded. During the agitation, she has been crushed by some French guys, who instead have reported more serious injuries.

Witnesses described a stocky man dressed in black who carried “something in hand”, like a stick. Two policemen tried to stop him. One policeman fell under the blows of the aggressor while the other agent asked the intervention of armed police, the assailant continued his run toward the entrance of the Parliament. Before he could get in, two agents in plainclothes have first ordered a halt, then fired and the terrorist fell to the ground.

The mainstream media, immediately triggered the usual chain of connections, in which the same images, questions and assumptions were re-sent. When at the end of each service we saw a memorial service for victims of the attacks in Belgium on 22 March 2016, that is, exactly one year ago, we thought to the atrocious coincidence. Probably this coincidence was a symbolic choice desired by the attacker, but also a red herring to indicate ISIS as principal.

After the commemorations of the attacks in Belgium, were broadcasted services on the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, by which sprang the abortion we call the European Union. The meeting will take place precisely on 25 March 2017, the day of the anniversary, in our capital city. As we reflected on the three events: London attack, Commemoration of the attack in Belgium and EU 60th Anniversary, we realized that the mainstream media was bringing us where the EU regime wanted. Practically we realized they wanted to alienate public opinion by asking the most obvious question: What was the British parliament discussing about Wednesday?

The answer is simple and reachable by Web: a new step of fundamental importance on the movement of goods and people in the European Union, once Brexit completed. Unfortunately, the discussion was interrupted by an attacker, today the British Parliament will only discuss a range of anti-terrorist measures: the IV EU Reich Rules!

Luciano & Eros Bonazzi

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